Who, What,Where and Why

As the countdown begins to my 9 months travelling I thought it best to begin this blog so that family, friends and anyone who may be interested can keep up to date with my movements.

I have just finished my BA in Accounting and Finance from Newcastle University. The past few years have been particularly gruelling and I’m not quite ready to start the ‘adult world’ so here I am!

It all started with a conversation with my best friend one year ago which all escalated out of control and now I’m set to jet off in just over two months. The plan is to travel around 10 different countries, from China to Fiji, and from gambling in Macau to living with a tribe in Kadavu.

Hong Kong – China – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand – Bali – Fiji

So watch this space for updates

Kate x