Joma week 5, Fiji

Another week has raced on by and before long I will be home! Village life is still wonderful despite the rats, cats, endless ants and mosquitos and the thought of coming back to 24 hour electricity, windows and hot water seems very odd.

I never knew I’d actually love living the village life out here. It’s very basic and at times so challenging – you can never get clean, but I have come to love it so much and if there was an offer to stay another month I would grab it!

We only did school Monday to Thursday this week as Friday was a huge rugby and netball tournament in which all the local schools come together to play and the best players get scouted to represent the island and then potentially Fiji or Atleast open up school scholarships to them! The day was so fun and many of our players got selected, including my sister.

On Tuesday night we did fan weaving with the ladies. It’s very difficult but I managed to complete one although I don’t know if it will come home! Clan church is every Wednesday and for our final church they’ve ordered us an outfit in our clan colours which is so cute! Friday was a big party for my friend Amy’s birthday and then yesterday we took a boat to Ratu Virani to visit the waterfall there!

Sunday today so no one can leave the village or be outside! The day goes very slow but it’s lovely to relax as I’m so tired!

Only 2 full weeks of school left so got to make it count! It’s going to be so so hard to leave

Kate x

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  1. Aunty Sarah says:

    So different xx

    Sounds amazing !!!!

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