Bali part 2, Indonesia

Saying goodbye to the family I was back on my own for the final 3 months of my travels. I knew that after so long on the go that I’d be ready to have someone else sort out my accommodation and transport so booked onto a 12 day tour with IntroTravel.

The accommodation that we stayed in was incredible! Almost all of them had an infinity pool! We started in Kuta which was just down the road from where I had been staying with Dad. The area is quite nice but notorious for pickpockets so we were advised not to take phones etc on our night out. It was a group of 12 and everyone was amazing!

Next we headed south to Ulluatu which is a famous temple on a cliff edge guarded by thousands of monkeys! We spent the rest of the day getting to know each other on the beach and then had sunset cocktails at an amazing restaurant.

The day after it was back to the beach to try again at surfing! My lesson the previous week had actually helped significantly and I was able to stand up on almost every wave! We stayed the night in Canguu further up the coast which is a quirky town with some amazing shopping – my bank account is quickly running dry!

The next few days were spent in Lovina up in the north, visiting waterfalls, rice paddies, local families and my favourite, riding with the dolphins! We also stayed in an incredible private villa!

Next it was over to the famous Gilly T island which was actually a bit of a let down. It was amazing don’t get me wrong but it has been so hyped up by many people I know that it actually didn’t live up to my expectations. There we swam with turtles and relaxed on the beaches and of course got our sunset swing picture that everyone gets when they go to Gilly.

The final stop with Bali Intro was Ubud. The journey there was rather painful especially with a raging hangover. I revisited the monkey temple and this time got slapped by a monkey – you aren’t allowed to feed them at the moment as they’ve all been put on diets so they were a bit grumpy!

Our final day as a group we had to get up at 1.30am to drive north to Mount Batur to hike up the volcano for sunrise! We began trekking at 3am and the first hour was rather gentle but the second hour as we got closer to the top it got very very cold and you had to climb with your hands as all the volcano rubble was slipping away! The sunrise was amazing although I’m not sure I’d get up at 1.30am to see it again!

I made an amazing group of friends on this tour so our goodbyes were rather emotional – the downside of travelling really is all the goodbyes you have to say. I have one week until I go to Fiji so I treated myself to a hotel to relax and sort out my stuff before I move in with the tribe! Meeting course friends and a cousin for dinner at some points in the week but it’s lovely to have some alone time as today – Thursday 26th April is the first day I’ve been alone since leaving the UK on the 17th November!

Kate x

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  1. Sarah Newby says:

    Fabulous adventures

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  2. Ginny Ingles says:

    Sounds like you are having an amazing time something you will always remember. Look after yourself and looking forward to seeing you in the summer xxx

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  3. Great photos Kate šŸ˜‰

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