Bali part 1, Indonesia

As someone who likes to think they’re rather good at geography it turns out that I’m not. I thought Fiji was one island until I’d already booked to go there for 2 months and I thought Bali was a country but actually it’s just an island in Indonesia.

Part 1 of my adventures in Bali was spent with family. Dad, Kathy and Nat flew out to spend a week with me which was lovely. Our hotel was a significant upgrade from the 12 bed hostel dorms that I’ve been used to living in and a very welcome break!

Although I’ve been travelling for 6 months now it’s not all been that relaxing as I’ve been constantly on the move and had so much to see so a few days spent not moving and just cooking myself on a sun lounger was needed.

However, we did take a few trips around Bali. We did a fantastic day tour of the local villages which included us visiting Batik, silver and stone carving factories and was a good insight into local life. Continuing on that tour we drove very far north for lunch overlooking Mount Batur and Mount Agung – the volcano that was smoking in November last year! The countryside is stunning and incredibly green. On our way back to our hotel we stopped in Ubud to visit the sacred monkey forest where we were able to feed the monkeys as they were all very tame – I went back 2 weeks later and that wasn’t the case!

We also went on a trip snorkelling and to the turtle sanctuary. The wildlife that exists in the seas around Bali and Indonesia is incredible but like the rest of south east Asia there is a horrific issue with the levels of plastic in the seas. At home we recycle but at university we often forgot but now this is something I am 100% going to change when I get back. Over the past 6 months I have visited some of the most beautiful beaches in the world yet all of them if you go after a strong tide are completely covered in plastic which is a horrific sight and ruining such beautiful places and the fragile ecosystems that live there.

On a lighter note, Dad, Nat and I tried our hand at surfing…although I had done it once before in Australia 6 years ago I was very far from pro! We had an hour and a half one to one lesson with the instructors who were amazing and we all managed to stand up – though I managed the least!

I had a great week adventuring and eating at the best restaurants!

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