Koh Phagnan, Thailand

How 2 days turned into a 9 day island adventure and took all my money.

Koh phagnan home of the infamous Full Moon Party was somewhere I was expecting to hate, but boy was I wrong. I refused to leave and missed two extra stops just to stay here longer, and if I didn’t have a flight booked I would have stayed longer!

I spent 9 days motorbiking around the island, finding small beaches, not wearing shoes, partying in the jungle, on a waterfall and on the beach and loved every second! Yes it was crazy and expensive but also the most beautiful island with so many places to discover, I definitely will be going back!

As my time in Thailand comes to an end I’ve been starting to think about the inevitable – coming home, and I’m not ready! For those who don’t know, I got accepted onto a masters so in September I’ll be going back to Newcastle for one final year of study, but if I didn’t have this, would I be coming home? Maybe not! There’s too much to see!

Kate x

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