The Gibbon Experience, Laos

A year ago I saw The Gibbon Experience on instagram and knew I HAD to go so I based my whole trip to Laos around it!

Starting at 8am in Huayxay which is on the border of Thailand we were given the safety demonstrations and then we set off. Bouncing around in the back of a tuk tuk – with a semi dead fish in a bag at kept wiggling on my leg, we heading out to the jungle. We were a group of 8 but it can be up to 25 per group but I was thankful that it wasn’t because it meant we never had to wait long to do anything!

It began with a 2 hour trek up hill in our harnesses carrying the backpacks! Thankfully, 30 degrees no longer feels like the surface of the sun as I am used to it but the sweat was running off me! There are 20 zip lines in total on the 2 day run but 6 we’re down for maintenance but we still got to go on the best!

You self attach yourself to the cables that run all through the jungle and once you got used to it it wasn’t scary! The views were just amazing! Stretching up to 570m we flew across the air 200m up from the ground, it was the best feeling ever! Some are fast and some are slow so if you don’t get up enough speed you have to pull yourself along the wire!

We spent all day zipping through the jungle completing the first 7 before arriving at the worlds tallest treehouse which was our home for the night! A 3 storey treehouse! It was beyond incredible! We had dinner cooked for us and watched the sun go down, all of us exhausted! The shower/toilet had the most incredible view over the jungle it just had the slight problem that you had to dodge all the insects! We saw a spider the size of your hand!

Our group was amazing so we spent the night playing cards until we all passed out!

I awoke early to the many noises of the jungle but we had to be up at 6.30 for coffee and to go and see the largest tree in Laos. It’s very big and they believe it has the spirit of the jungle in it! The paths you trek on are very small but you have to be careful not to go off track as during the secret war laos was the most bombed country, yet only 1% of these bombs have been found!

We zip lined back to the treehouse for a huge breakfast and then headed off for day two! Thankfully there was no big uphill trek today and we did another 7 lines! I can’t believe how amazing it was it was just the best feeling ever! At the end we stopped for lunch by a river and all went swimming to cool off.

Although it was $180 for 2 days and 1 night it was 100% worth it and if I’m ever back in Laos I’ll come and do it again! It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done and the best birthday present!

Now to Thailand for 3 weeks!

Kate x

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