Battambang, Cambodia

A journey that was supposed to take just over 12 hours ended up taking just under 24! It was a very eventful journey from Koh Rong Sanloem to Battambang and one that I don’t wish to repeat. Gone are the luxury recliner buses of Vietnam, instead we got given this…

Arriving into Battambang at 3am, we were dropped on the outskirts and maps me said it would be a 50 min walk so our only other option was a motorbike. My first ever motorbike ride was terrifying purely because I was on the back being weighted down by my 15kg rucksack, something I don’t wish to repeat!

Thankfully our hostel owner let us in and we got some sleep because it’s been an action packed 24 hours.

We started at the bamboo train, something I’ve wanted to do for ages! It’s a modern remake on the original but still super fun!

It’s been 35 degrees here so even just sitting down leaves you sweating, but after our lovely ride we were told to hike up a mountain to a temple. We made it, just, I was completely dripping in sweat!

To hire a tuk tuk it was $20 for a full day! It’s unbelievably cheap and our tour guide was fabulous!

Our final event of the day was the killing cave/ bat cave. During the time of the Khmer Rouge, 1 million Cambodians were murdered here by being hit over the head and pushed into a cavern, it was truly horrific. However, every evening at 6pm 4 million bats leave the cave on their nighttime feeding frenzy and the sights were unbelievable!

36 hours in Battambang has been hectic but worth it!

Kate x

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  1. Stuart Pender says:

    its nice to see you traveling in style, hopefully that was first class.

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