Danang, Vietnam

Directly in the centre of Vietnam lies Danang. Formerly the main landing spot for the Americans during the war, this city has suffered a lot at the hands of the Agent Orange that was stored in the airport. Due to incorrect storage it seeped into the ground and ultimately into the water supply, causing irreplaceable damage to hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese .

The iconic Dragon Bridge lies at the heart of the city and it’s pretty spectacular! With a centre that has a London feel and a beach that feels like Miami the city has it all.

The surrounding land is very flat apart from the marble mountains which stick up out of nowhere! The views are beautiful but there is so much building work going on. Danang and Hoi An are 45 mins apart but the beach that connects the two cities are now chockablock with hotels being built, which slightly ruins the view.

We were blessed with so much sun when we went to the marble mountains, however the next day we were not so lucky! It rained and was grey all day.

There is the largest female Buddha in the world on monkey mountain on the outskirts of Danang. Again a wonderful sight, completely made of marble, however I don’t have a raincoat and it was chucking it down so we didn’t hang around long!

Moving on to Hoi An tomorrow and the weather is looking rather more promising! I’m looking forward to wearing all the summer clothes that I’ve been carrying around for 2 months but not worn yet!

Fingers crossed there is sun!

Kate x

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  1. Margaret Crosfield says:

    What a wonderful journey you are having. We do enjoy reading your diary and the lovely photos.
    Take care have fun
    💘 Grannie 🐦 and Grandpa.xx

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