Hue, Vietnam

Against all odds we made it to Hue! In Hanoi our taxi driver decided to take the longest route and drive at 30 miles an hour which resulted in us jumping out and running with our big backpacks through the streets of Hanoi like mad women as we had 1 minute to make the bus!

It was a comfortable sleeper bus which is lucky as it was 13 hours. Hue is the old capital of Vietnam and completely different to Hanoi. The streets are so quiet and the buildings old. Our 24 hours in Hue was jam packed and rainy. The first rain I’ve seen since leaving the UK and I can say, I have not missed it.

Our hostel was fabulous and organised a private car to drive us to all the main tourist sights to limit the time we were in the downpour/ they are all quite far apart.

We started at the abandoned water park however, we were told we couldn’t go in because of the rain, so instead we went to the Tomb of Khai Dinh, the 12th Emperor of Vietnam. It was so lavish and impressive!

Heading back to the centre of Hue, next on our tour was the Pagoda of the Celestial Lady. Even in the pouring rain the column was a stand out beauty.

Finally, on our tour was the Imperial City, Vietnam’s Forbidden City, but it’s very unlike the one in China. Most of the buildings remain, however, many have had to be reconstructed as they suffered great damage from American bombs in the war which is such a shame.

Hue has been a welcome calm from busy Hanoi but I’ll be happy to leave the rain behind!

Kate x

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