Hanoi, Vietnam

Tomorrow I leave Hanoi after a wonderful 4 weeks in this incredible city. Although we only had one day of sun, I’ve had the most eventful 4 weeks of my life.

The Khanh Tam Centre has taught me so much and I’m so sad to leave behind the 18 little faces that I’ve come to love. I will never forget them and just wish I could bring them all home to give them a better chance in England than they do here.

Hanoi itself is an amazing city, however the traffic is unbelievable, terrifying actually but I’ve finally got the hang of it after crossing a 10 lane motorway every day!

I only actually spent one weekend in Hanoi but thankfully that is when we were graced with the sun! We visited the Hoa lo Prison which was so interesting. The Hanoi Hilton as it was named by the Americans during the war was previously a prison used by the French in the early 1900s to torture the Vietnamese in horrific ways. I had no idea that Vietnam had once been ruled by the French but seeing the torturous ways that the French imprisoned the Vietnamese it’s really not surprising that there was an uprising. Later during the war the America prisoners of war were held here except their experiences were some what different. The Americans had a wonderful time in the prison with many famous Americans actually being imprisoned here. Most notably John McCain, the 2008 Republican nominee spent five and a half years in the prison.

The streets of Hanoi are filled with a wonder of quirky shops and surprises. We stumbled upon a tiny railway that runs next to so many houses. The train only goes past twice a day so many of the local residents sit on the tracks to do their jobs because they know there is little chance of being hit!

I’ve had the most incredible month and I’ll be so sad to leave!

Kate x

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  1. Stuart says:

    Great experiences that will live with you for the rest of your life. Keep the commentary going as it is great to see all the amazing places you are visiting.

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  2. Sarah Newby says:

    Looks absolutely fascinating Kate
    Take care on the next adventure
    Aunty Sarah xxxx

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  3. Sounds like such a cool experience, great pics too! We’re hoping to visit Vietnam soon ☺️


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