My Khanh Tam Kids

As previously mentioned, I am working in the Khanh Tam Centre for the most autistic children in Hanoi. They are all very disabled and only a few can communicate effectively, but these little faces light up my day so I thought I’d share them.

This little poser we have named – Cry Baby. He spends all day crying for no reason

Laughy here is one of my favourites, he loves to sing. He can’t speak very well but if you put a song on he can sing it perfectly!

Grandpa here is a mute and has never and will never speak as his jaw/muscles aren’t formed properly. He never moves and is very happy to sit on his chair all day every day, even in gym class.

Kissy is my Vietnamese boyfriend. He follows me and gives me endless kisses

Monkey here loves to be carried and you can put your arms above your head and he will still find a way to climb up you!

Dribbly is the most disabled child we have in the centre. He spends most of his day on the floor dribbling.

This is snotty – his name reflects what he does every day!

Clever Monkey here can count to 100 in English and do shapes and colours. He’s only slightly autistic and usually only comes to the centre once a week but his family are away for a month so he is coming every day.

The smile that could kill – Gangsta is a favourite of both Emma and I.

I only have 6 days left of placement and I will be very upset to say goodbye!

Kate x

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  1. Lynda Ryan says:


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  2. Ginny Ingles says:

    I love you newsy blog Kate you seem to be having a busy time xxxc

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  3. Sarah Newby says:

    Looks like a real challenge and am super impressed with your blog
    Keep enjoying xxxxxx

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  4. Stuart says:

    great photo’s and I am sure you are making a difference, keep up the good work .

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