Singapore – First Christmas abroad!

Having had such a busy schedule for 6 weeks it’s been hard to get into the Christmas spirit as everything has become such a blur, but when I got on the plane to Singapore the excitement kicked in.

After a rather stressful journey for Mum, Dave and Tamsin (missing their transfer in Dubai due to delays leaving Manchester which meant they had to spend the night in Dubai) we were all reunited!

The first night we didn’t get up to much but noted early on that alcohol is VERY expensive – Β£10 a pint so it’s nice not to be paying for the first time in a while!

With only 2 full days here I led us on our city tour. 14 miles later and some very sore feet we had seen most of what Singapore had to offer. Bugis Street Market to Little India to China Town.

No trip to Singapore would be complete without a visit to the Gardens by the Bay and they were truly incredible! We visited the flower domes and cloud forest first which contained the worlds tallest indoor waterfall which was spectacular and rather nice to be in a cooler environment than the 30 degree heat and 80% humidity outside!

As it went dark we went on the skywalk through the tree garden which was unbelievable! No words can describe the grandeur of these metal trees covered in flowers. Whilst we were up there we caught the light show which was to Christmas mood and a perfect activity for Christmas Eve – not quite the usual Nine Lessons and Carols at Ripon Cathedral!

The Singapore sling was of course created in this diverse city so wearily we dragged ourselves to Raffles for this iconic drink. Much to our disappointment Raffles closed for refurbishment 2 weeks ago until October 2018! Just means I’ll have to come again, but we got our Sling in the restaurant opposite Raffles so it was a close substitute.

Christmas Day – 32 degrees, in our Christmas t-shirts we went to the zoo! Not the usual Christmas activities but it was easily the best zoo I’ve ever been to. With monkeys freely swinging around the park and big lizards coming to walk next to you it was fab! Though Mum got wee’d on by a bat which she didn’t find too funny – we did!

With KFC for Christmas lunch and Thai for dinner it was the most unchristmassy Christmas I’ve ever had but still amazing! Next stop Pangkor Laut for 5 days relaxing FINALLY!

Kate x

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