Yongding, China

Our final stop in China was the rural HongKeng Village near Yongding, which in inhabited by the Hakka people. This forgotten sector of Chinese society do not live in traditional houses or apartments, they prefer the Tulou roundhouse (though it can be square too!)

These Tulous can house up to 500 people and were traditionally used as castles to protect each family as this was an area inhabited by cannibals.

We spent two nights in one of these Tulous. One very cold night as I couldn’t work out the heating and a house made of mud can get very cold! As we arrived late on our first day we had a brief tour of the local village and then dinner and bed.

The next day however, we were shown how rice wine was made as our host family produce it on a mass scale. It is how it sounds, made by boiling rice then drying it and adding yeast and leaving it for two months to give it its definitive taste – pretty much like paint stripper!

The afternoon was filled with hikes up above the village to explore the rest of the National Park but other than farming there isn’t much around, not even a shop!

In Chengdu, we tried the famous hot pot which was delicious so we jumped at the opportunity for another, this however was a mistake.

A chicken and fish based ‘soup’ was given to us as a starter and then the contents of the plates poured into the soup to create a very unique flavour. Mushrooms, cauliflower, boar, octopus, mystery meat balls, catfish, bison, and two plates of unidentifiable fish/meat that remained rather untouched. I tried the bison which was a let down as it was chewy and tasted bizzar but I think that had more to do with out cooking!

Travel day all tomorrow to Shenzhen for one night sleep there before we cross the border early hours back to Hong Kong! One month travelling almost done and I cannot believe how fast it has gone but I’ve loved it!

Kate x

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  1. Hi Kate, what a fascinating trip, keep posting the updates! Love Dad X

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