Wuyishan, China

We headed back to the country after a busy 10 days in several cities, this time we went to the Wuyishan Nature Reserve. Boarding the bullet train from Shanghai it didn’t take long to get to our destination – especially when you’re travelling at 280Km per hour! Our hotel was located just outside of the Nature Reserve so our time here was spent predominately hiking. It was slightly warmer than Shanghai which was also a plus, just short of t-shirt weather! The views were divine and it was so nice to get out of the smog ridden air that we had been surrounded in for the past week or so. The Reserve is also known for its tea and many of our hikes were through the tea terraces, although the good tea isn’t grown in winter – Typical! After a long day hiking I was very ready for bed! zWe only had the morning to spend in the park before travelling on so we opted to go Bamboo Rafting! I did this before in Yangshuo but this time it was more authentic, a boat actually made of bamboo and being pushed by men. It was also a perk that we were given an unlimited amount of tea during the hour and a half ride! I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Wuyishan but I am completely exhausted and ready to slow down! Hopefully the next stop will bring us some much needed heat! Kate x

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Kate
    Sounds like youโ€™ve done so much since you left xxx

    Itโ€™s lovely to see your pictures

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  2. Lynda says:

    Mum will be with you soon darling XXX

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