Yangshuo, China

Crossing the border into China took 2 hours as they were very pinickity with our visas and the border security were not happy that I don’t look much like my passport photo – especially with no make up on!

We took a metro, two trains and a bus to get to Yangshuo which wasn’t too bad thankfully but we arrived in the dark so could barely see anything which was annoying. We didn’t do much apart from go for a big dinner which was so nice besides the Snake Venom Vodka…

On Monday, we got up early and went out of the town to the Li River to go Bamboo rafting! Our boats weren’t like the traditional boats as they were made out of bamboo and powered by a lawn strimmer but it was so beautiful and peaceful

This is the group above but not everyone is coming back to Hong Kong, some leave in Beijing and some in Shanghai but we get new people then too!

After the bamboo rafting we went back to Yangshuo for lunch and my first noodle soup which was quite nice but I did leave the mystery meat as it was very tough but for Β£1 you couldn’t complain!

Next it was time to go find a bike for our 6 hour bike tour! We were given little blue and pink bikes with baskets on and no gears which proved to be a massive issue a few hours later.

Off we went with Farmer Tom on our countryside tour and everything went so smoothly for a few hours until we got close to his home and hit the mud. At first it just made it difficult to pedal and then all of our wheels clogged up and that’s when the fun began. It took us 40 mins to get all the bikes out and unclogged and left us all covered from head to toe in cement like mud! The pictures below show the beautiful scenery and then the horrific amounts of mud and our rescue mission.

We got to Farmer Toms very ready for dinner. Every meal is only served with chopsticks and I’m yet to master that so eating is an unfortunate challenge but we were given so many different dishes and they were all pretty nice but we were all so exhausted and ready for bed.

We cycled a little further to the iconic Moon Hill which didn’t disappoint but darkness was closing in so we had to get back to the town as we were about an hour away and there are no street lights or any road rules it appeared!

Cycling back to Yangshuo was all fine until we hit the city. No helmet, no road rules, pedestrians, bikes, vans and then us all swerving all over the place was truly terrifying! Many times I thought we would be hit but you just had to pick a route and pedal like mad and pray that someone doesn’t hit you and thankfully we were all fine!

We had a really fun night out to end the day drinking the quite repulsive rice wine which is 54% we found a bar called Bad Panda and then went to a club which was a very different experience to England to say the least!

Today we had a lie in and then a few of us took ourselves on a hike to a local village to get out and then tonight we are going for a massage as it’s Β£3 and probably an early night as we have a lot of travelling tomorrow to Chengdu!

Yangshuo as a place is so different to home. The streets are so full apart from in the mornings, no shops have a door they’re just open from the road and the locals often stop to take pictures of us as they don’t get many white people. We are also in the region where they eat dog.

Here we have Kentucky Fried Dog…

Thankfully when we were cycling I missed it but some of the group saw a small cage in the market stuffed full of puppies so I’m very glad I didn’t see that as it would be rather upsetting. But overall, it’s been so nice here and it’s been a fab first stop in China.

Kate x

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  1. Stuart says:

    All sounds wonderful and your reports are very impressive. Keep having fun

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Newby says:

    Looking good Katie Moo !
    Stay safe
    Aunty Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mum says:

    Mmm!! Not sure about that for tea xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Natalie says:

    Absolutely loved reading this – sounds like you’re packing your time full to the brim! So excited to read the next one! Lots of love xx

    Liked by 1 person

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