Day 1: Hong Kong

Getting to Hong Kong and the hotel was a breeze which I was grateful for as I’d barely slept on the plane. Walking out of the airport I had that slap of hot and humid air and instantly regretted still having my fleece on under my huge backpack!

Thankfully my room was ready for me so I could shower straight away and have a nap before my roommate arrived! Sophie – my roommate is lovely so that was a good start. We had our first group meeting at 6 so got to meet the rest then. In total there are 16 of us 6 Brits, 4 Australian, 4 Americans, 1 German and an Austrian and everyone is super friendly and nice.

Our first evening we spent by investigating the local night market on Temple street – it’s kind of like a Camden market on steroids; from Fake Mulberry’s to fidget spinners they really have it all here!

After dinner at the street stall on the left of the photo above half of us went down to the harbour to see the view over to Hong Kong island. Even though it was raining it didn’t ruin the view and it was still ridiculously humid!

By this point it was almost 40 hours since I left home and I was very ready for bed!

Kate x

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