Fiji – a fitting last stop

Much like Bali, I didn’t realise that Fiji is actually made up of an archipelago of over 300 islands until I’d booked to be there for two months – whoops! However, being the furthest possible point I could almost get from home it felt like the perfect last stop.

After what will have been the craziest 7 months of my life constantly travelling, I think I’ll be ready to slow down the pace and do my second stint of volunteering. Flying into the Fijian capital of Nadi I am volunteering with Think Pacific for two months.

We meet on the main island for a few days sorting out visas, getting to know one another and learning the importance of our work – they have increased the literacy rate by 40%, increased sports participation by 600% and most importantly supported over 20,000 children!

After this it will be off to meet the tribe, I am volunteering on Kadavu. This is one of Fiji’s largest islands but one of the most underdeveloped so our work will be extremely valued there. With Think Pacific I will be placed in a family within a tribe living, eating and working with them throughout my time here – goodbye WiFi, running showers and flushing toilets!

I have no doubts that this will be a struggle for me as I am a HUGE fan of my phone and the finer things in life but I am also excited to live without constant FOMO as I’ll have no idea what’s going on at home and quite frankly – I’m in Fiji everyone at home should be jealous!

During my time here my life will be very structured; working at the school all day then coming home to help with the family chores and learning the traditional Fijian customs and skills such as basket weaving and spear fishing! On the weekends we go on treks up into the mountains, or down to the tropical sea and occasionally get to dabble with western luxuries!

For my final week in Fiji, I will be heading back to the main island for some relaxation and reflection on what I’m sure will be the best 9 months of my life!

My next blog post will be coming from Hong Kong when I’m actually on this trip of a lifetime!

Kate x




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