Beautiful and breathtaking Bali!

My time on the stunning archipelago that makes up Indonesia will be spent on Bali. It wasn’t until recently that I realised that Bali isn’t actually a country just a small piece of the wonderful Indonesia!

Flying in from a busy few months in South East Asia I’m meeting family for a week in Kuta for a bit of luxury and what will probably be the first time I’ve had a room to myself since leaving the UK!

Once this brief spat of opulence is over I’ll be back on the road with my backpack, heading first for Uluwatu to visit the iconic Padang Padang beach and to watch the unbelievable sunsets, most likely with a very large Gin and Tonic in hand!

From there it’s on to Canggu to attempt to learn to surf – I’ve attempted this once before in Surfers Paradise in Australia and ended up with the chord around my neck, not the best experience when I’m not a confident swimmer!

Heading through the supreme rice paddies and past stunning waterfalls I plan to head north to Lovina to visit the dolphins!! I love dolphins but have never got close up to them so this will definitely be a highlight for me!

No trip to Bali would be finished without visiting the Gili Islands. I first saw pictures of these islands a few years ago and have been slightly obsessed ever since. With the white sands, turquoise water and TURTLES how can anyone resist?

My final stop on my tour around Bali will be to Ubud, spending a day in the sacred Monkey forest and the surrounding temples. Finally, I plan to finish my time in Bali with a sunrise hike up the volcano with a breakfast prepared from the heat of the rocks – a truly once in a lifetime experience!

Next stop Fiji!

Kate x

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