Hoping for Heaven : Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

For those who read my Russia post, you’ll understand my love for History and Vietnam really is full of it.

For me, it is very important that I don’t just travel during my time away but also give something back to the communities I visit. This is why I’m starting my South East Asia travels with a month volunteering in Hanoi.

There are a vast amount of travel companies on google to “help plan your perfect gap year,” and it took me months of searching and researching to pick which company would be best suited to me. I decided to use Plan my Gap Year to become a childcare volunteer. There are about 7 different volunteer centres in Hanoi in the project – I will be working at Phuc Tue Centre. This centre caters for 75 disabled children who suffer from a variety of mental and physical problems. These range from those suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, Autism, Down Syndrome and Japanese Encephalitis. The link at the bottom explains what I’ll be doing in more detail.

After this I’m sure eye opening month, I’ll be on the road again to explore what else the country has to offer. Most gap year travellers just go on a whim, but planning is what I do. I just LOVE to plan, hence I have my route detailed below:

Following the Ho Chi Minh trail from north to south I’ll be travelling further than the Americans could ever have ever dreamed of during the war. Stopping off the the breathtaking Halong Bay, Hoi An, and the Cu Chi tunnels to see these tiny mile long tunnels in which the Viet Cong lived and worked in for years during the war.

For a country completely devastated by the war from 1955-75, it will be a real adventure in itself to see how they have rebuilt their lives and kept their incredible culture and identity alive.

Kate x

Hanoi – Sapa- Halong Bay – Hue – Da Nang – Nha Trang – Dalat – Ho Chi Minh City- Can Tho


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